Online Events Simplified

HuddleXR is an all inclusive event platform to help event organizers

plan, design, run & manage business focused online events.

Your event.
One solution.

HuddleXR offers an adaptable event stack which is easy to use, integrated and data rich. It specialises in delivering an immersive branded experience to a remote audience.
An e-commerce enabled platform, it enables you to create a live marketplace. It creates engaging experiences for your live, online and hybrid events that connect communities from around the globe.

Live Stream



Sponsor focus


DIY Panels


Trade Show

HuddleXR unifies all the elements of your event in one place and creates an omni channel experience around your online event.
  • Integrated solution with video conference and 3D Expo arena.
  • Live and on demand content delivery.
  • Built to host a full scale event of any shape and size.
  • Fit for all type of live, online and hybrid events.
  • Can be accessed from any browser, any device without additional download.
Build branded customer experiences to fit the unique needs of your event. Create a virtual trade show booth, open-to-sky expo area, retail store, diagnostics lab or a factory with interactive hotspots and networking spaces.
  • Design you event venue from extensive design library.
  • Keep your event live in any time zone.
  • Unify all the customer touch points to create thrilling customer experiences.
  • Superior exhibitor showcase with AR-VR capability.
Stay clear of hassles of event logistics. Save lead time and get more time to promote the event.
  • Manage events effortlessly. Centralized control panels and dashboard.
  • Promote the event through your network with a unique partner management module.
  • Organise industry focused trade events which bring synergies to ATL and BTL marketing efforts.
  • Keep track of offers and commissions.
  • Save event set up time.Set up 3D expo stall in a couple of hours.
Extend life and reach of your event
  • Monatizable video on demand.
  • Run sales promotion campaigns, coupons.
  • Unify customer touch points and expedite buying decisions.
  • Capture purchase intent in wish cart and send retargeted emails.
  • Drive qualified leads to your ecommerce store or an affiliate store.
  • Expedite go to market time by sharing price quotes, partnership terms and minimum order quantities.
HuddleXR brings the focus back on product discovery and content at events. It simply creates true interaction and contextual conversation at virtual events.
  • Stunning product showcase with 360-degree product spins, catalogues and interactive hotspots
  • Boundary-less marketplace to seize both regional and international partnership opportunities.
  • Bridge the gap between offline and online marketing.
  • Pitch One-to-one or one-to-many.
  • Go live from the inbuilt hotspots with F2F interaction.

Working together

HuddleXR extends a partner approach to create solutions that suit the unique needs of every event. We don't rely only on technology for event success. HuddleXR team collaborates with event planners and organizers at each step to create a custom solution.

The result is content centric, sponsor focused and monetizable online event.

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