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Expand the reach of your events with a flexible event-grade virtual event platform.
Benefit from our white-glove support to end-to-end manage event logistics.
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What is HuddleXR?

HuddleXR is an online events platform with integrated webinars, content engagement and community modules. 

What does an enterprise-grade virtual event platform mean?

Enterprises have multiple events throughout the year for different use-cases spread over global geographics. An Enterprise-grade platform should implement these complex event requirements within its existing infrastructure. HuddleXR’s Enterprise Plus plan offers a tailor-made solution for large enterprises looking to engage with their target audience through global and regional event IPs. 

What are the steps taken for data security?

Our platform is GDPR compliant as per European regulations. Protect your portfolio and clients with complete security of event data.

How can use HuddleXR for my online events?

HuddleXR’s flexible white-label solution enables you to use the latest technology for your events while staying independent as a creator. 

How can I watch a demo of HuddleXR?

Just click on Book a Demo and we share the magic link for a demo event 

What are the branding opportunities for the sponsors?

HuddleXR is perfect for branded events. Our custom themes have clickable branding panels and multiple interactive modules the scope of event branding can only be limited by imagination 

How do you provide support during the event?

Our highly skilled and experienced event success team effortlessly manages the pre-event logistics, live event moderation as well as post-event analytics & reporting. Dedicated account executives and project managers ensure deeper integration with the event teams