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A Branded Website, Not Just an Event Link

Most virtual conference software provides guests with a generic URL they receive via email after registration. HuddleXR provides you with a branded event website and allows attendees to begin socializing before your event begins!
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Virtual Event Website Platform

Event Website Features

Benefits of HuddleXR

A to Z

We provide start-to-finish services including training your team and presenters to upload content and live-stream.


Just like a live event, you can host multiple breakout sessions, activities, and keynote speeches at the same time.


We don’t just add your brand colors and logo, but we provide branded immersive event website design.

Mobile Accessible

Event attendees and speakers can log in via your unique event website from any mobile device.


Our intuitive interface seamlessly integrates with your preferred video, streaming, and content software.

Explore more Features


A tailored 3D setting to host multiple activities, booths, webinars, and keynote speeches at the same time. Virtually move from one event room or activity to the next.



Host pre-recorded, live-streamed, and hybrid webinars and keynote speeches. Interactive polls, surveys, and activities are built-in to keep users engaged.



The Community Hub is where attendees go to network before, during, and after your event. Post photos, join interest-based groups, and share social-media-style posts.


Attendee Engagement

Guests are provided with scheduled breakout sessions and can navigate to interest-based groups. Automated notifications ensure engagement opportunities aren’t missed.



Everyone loves to win! Gamification encourages engagement and rewards attendees for their participation. Choose from general and event-specific challenges.


Event Registration

Both your presenters and your attendees can utilize your event website to register for the event. Our platform is intuitive, and we provide training and prompts. 


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